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Getting rid of pests shouldn’t come at the expense of your family or the environment—and at EcoGreen Pest Solutions, it never will!

Pest Control in Eagleville and Southeastern Pennsylvania

At any given moment, your home is vulnerable to a wide variety of local pests. Try as you might to keep them outdoors, they are specialists at sneaking in when you least expect it. However, when you have an experienced local pest control company on your side, you can be rid of them for good! EcoGreen Pest Solutions both eliminates and prevents all kinds of pests in your home. You can get started today by scheduling your free home inspection! 

Why Choose EcoGreen Pest Solutions?

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Saturday Servicing

We strive to serve all customers as quickly as possible regardless of your schedule. We offer flexible appointments for our pest control services and even offer Saturday servicing!

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Family-Friendly Methods

We practice Integrated Pest Management. This ensures your family's safety by utilizing a combination of the safest methods and only using pesticides when necessary!

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Our Pest Services

We have the solution for whatever pest problem you may be dealing with. Some pests are vectors for diseases such as ticks, mosquitoes, and roaches. Other pests can cause damage to your home like termites and carpenter ants. We have answers to help keep your family and home safe. View our year-round pest control plans or pest services for specific issues.

Save with One of Our Plans Below

If you are dealing with pest issues between visits just let us know and we will retreat at no charge as many times as it takes. Applicable to programs only (restrictions apply).

Savings You Deserve on Services You Need

We aim to provide high quality pest control service to as many people as we can. With plans available at every budget, and a wide variety of coupons, discounts, and special offers, the help you need is not out of your reach.

Areas We Service in Southeastern Pennsylvania

With more than 30 years of experience to our name, we at EcoGreen Pest Solutions are proud to serve Eagleville and the surrounding areas in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our high-quality eco-friendly service is designed to provide lasting relief to as many Pennsylvanians as possible. So the next time pests sneak into your home, look to the locals to kick them out!

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5 Star Review

EcoGreen returned my call for services within a few hours and had someone to our property by the next business day. The technician was professional, timely, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend EcoGreen.

Amy Groves